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One of the things I like the most with World of Warcraft is that you have the ability to customize your interface a whole lot! I used to sit for hours with various unit frame-addons and alter my interface completely. But nowadays, my interface is pretty much standard, but there are some addons that I always keep up to date. Here is a list of my five favourites.

1. Bagnon.

What this does, well it merges your bags kind of, so instead of having five different bags to look at, you have a giant one. It may not seem like much, but it is indeed great. But the greatest function of this addon is that it lets you search your bags.

Bagnon @ Wowinterface.

2. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text.

This one alters the damage text that hover over your mobs heads when you hit them. It also show’s you stuff like incoming heals, outgoing heals, trinket proccs, ability proccs. Why do i prefer this over the built-in battle text? Well, you can customize it until your eyes start to bleed.

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text @ Wowinterface

3. ForteXorcist.

This is an addon that contains a lot of stuff. Mainly a spell and cooldown timer. Thanks to this addon, keeping thunderclap up at all times much easier(as if I wasn’t able to do that without it?). It also has a cooldown timer so you’ll always know when you’ll be able to use your favourite attacks again. And the bonus, this addon is puuure¬† eye candy. It’s really neatly done and very pleasant for the eye to watch.

If you’re a warlock it comes with a lot of other stuff to, like for instance, when you’re in a raid, you can see who needs a summon, a timer for your soulstone and who has the soulstone. Check it out!

ForteXorcist @ Wowinterface.

4. Cartographer.

A map addon. Does a lot with the world map. For instance, you can scale it. So it doesn’t cover your whole screen, need I say more? No, thought so.

Cartographer @ Wowinterface.

5. Postal

The main function of this addon is that it lets you open all the mail in your mailbox with one click. Without this, getting back unsold Glyphs from the AH is a real pain.

Postal @ Wowinterface.

If you want more, check these two sites. As they have almost everything.



I’ve been slow on posting this month, since I’ve had a little bit of a burnout but my love for the game is coming back and with it more things I need to rant about.


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I’ve not been posting for a while, mainly because I haven’t had a clue about what to write. Tried dealing with my WoW-burnout. Which is a strange burnout, because I feel that I wanna play WoW but I dont wanna play on any of the characters that I have.

I’ve been leveling a mage lately which is really fun, even though it’s only about lvl 22. The other day I helped my little sister get som gear from normal ToC as she now is playing a feral druid tank.

I’ve also been trying out Battlefield Heroes which I found to be a whole lot of fun. I was a really big fan of BF 1942 way back when and it’s really the only fps I’ve bothered playing more than a couple of hours. I have a problem with newer FPS games for some reason they make me feel sick and dizzy. Probably, when I need my PvP fix I will head to this game instead of the PvP in WoW which of course has its fun but I often find the PvP side of the game to be poorly planned and unbalanced.

Wonderking is heading into it’s third closed beta phase so I will probably log into that to check it out since it’s my 2D-mmo of choice. Earth Eternal is a browser based game which I talked about before which is heading into open beta and it has over 20 playable races. So probably gonna check that out to.

Last but not least I will try to get some more guides up since they are my main way of getting visitors. I will probably do something rather easy soon, like a Death Knight guide. I also have a rough idea on a post about raiding in Wrath of the Lich King.

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