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Well, since this seems to be all the rage these days. I figured I’d give my two cents. Well, if you’ve missed it, I’ll give you the quick rundown. Blizzard now, in there store has two non combat pets you can buy for 10$ each.

One of them is a Pandaren Brewmaster, which is awesome, cause he is a Panda, but he also likes to drink beer and unleash Kung Fu magic upon his foes. The other one is a mini-version of Kel’Thuzad, you know, the guy in Naxxramas that always insists on us kicking his ass.

There’s been quite the different reactions from people around the world. Saying that it’s wrong because some people wont be able to afford it etc etc.

Well, I was hoping that maybe blizzard would give us more utility instead of just non combat pets. This is nothing new in the world of item mall mmo’s but I think it would be nice if you could by flasks that would give you an EXP boost and stuff like that. I would probably spend my money on that since I’m a little bit of an altoholic. Non-combat pet feels like, meh? I don’t know, sure it would be cool to have a pandaren pet, but it’s not anywhere near how cool it would be to have actual Pandaren NPC’s in Azeroth.

Conclusion, more utility micro transactions! Not utility like screwing up the end game, but to help me level faster and stuff like that. Maybe heirloom items or something like that, since it wouldn’t be really gamebreaking if you couldn’t afford them.


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So I’ve made a little guide for all you dps’ing warriors out there. Check it out!

I have decided to focus the blog more around world of warcraft instead of mmo’s in general since that’s mainly the game I play. Just so you know! It’s been slow posting the last month but I will try to get better.

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