One of the things I like the most with World of Warcraft is that you have the ability to customize your interface a whole lot! I used to sit for hours with various unit frame-addons and alter my interface completely. But nowadays, my interface is pretty much standard, but there are some addons that I always keep up to date. Here is a list of my five favourites.

1. Bagnon.

What this does, well it merges your bags kind of, so instead of having five different bags to look at, you have a giant one. It may not seem like much, but it is indeed great. But the greatest function of this addon is that it lets you search your bags.

Bagnon @ Wowinterface.

2. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text.

This one alters the damage text that hover over your mobs heads when you hit them. It also show’s you stuff like incoming heals, outgoing heals, trinket proccs, ability proccs. Why do i prefer this over the built-in battle text? Well, you can customize it until your eyes start to bleed.

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text @ Wowinterface

3. ForteXorcist.

This is an addon that contains a lot of stuff. Mainly a spell and cooldown timer. Thanks to this addon, keeping thunderclap up at all times much easier(as if I wasn’t able to do that without it?). It also has a cooldown timer so you’ll always know when you’ll be able to use your favourite attacks again. And the bonus, this addon is puuure  eye candy. It’s really neatly done and very pleasant for the eye to watch.

If you’re a warlock it comes with a lot of other stuff to, like for instance, when you’re in a raid, you can see who needs a summon, a timer for your soulstone and who has the soulstone. Check it out!

ForteXorcist @ Wowinterface.

4. Cartographer.

A map addon. Does a lot with the world map. For instance, you can scale it. So it doesn’t cover your whole screen, need I say more? No, thought so.

Cartographer @ Wowinterface.

5. Postal

The main function of this addon is that it lets you open all the mail in your mailbox with one click. Without this, getting back unsold Glyphs from the AH is a real pain.

Postal @ Wowinterface.

If you want more, check these two sites. As they have almost everything.



I’ve been slow on posting this month, since I’ve had a little bit of a burnout but my love for the game is coming back and with it more things I need to rant about.


I’ve not been posting for a while, mainly because I haven’t had a clue about what to write. Tried dealing with my WoW-burnout. Which is a strange burnout, because I feel that I wanna play WoW but I dont wanna play on any of the characters that I have.

I’ve been leveling a mage lately which is really fun, even though it’s only about lvl 22. The other day I helped my little sister get som gear from normal ToC as she now is playing a feral druid tank.

I’ve also been trying out Battlefield Heroes which I found to be a whole lot of fun. I was a really big fan of BF 1942 way back when and it’s really the only fps I’ve bothered playing more than a couple of hours. I have a problem with newer FPS games for some reason they make me feel sick and dizzy. Probably, when I need my PvP fix I will head to this game instead of the PvP in WoW which of course has its fun but I often find the PvP side of the game to be poorly planned and unbalanced.

Wonderking is heading into it’s third closed beta phase so I will probably log into that to check it out since it’s my 2D-mmo of choice. Earth Eternal is a browser based game which I talked about before which is heading into open beta and it has over 20 playable races. So probably gonna check that out to.

Last but not least I will try to get some more guides up since they are my main way of getting visitors. I will probably do something rather easy soon, like a Death Knight guide. I also have a rough idea on a post about raiding in Wrath of the Lich King.

Dragonica? Fun!

Have you ever played MapleStory? Have you ever wondered what would happen if MapleStory smoked PCP? Chances are you would come up with Dragonica. A fast-paced side scrolling arcade mmorpg.

Dragonica with one word is fun. This is the one mmo I have stuck with, together with WoW, since I started playing it in June. I nearly don’t play with it as much as I did then do, since WoW is taking up a whole lot of my time. If someone asked me to recommend and mmorpg. I would ask them if they want fast-paced fun arcade like combat or a little deeper more tactical combat. If they wanted the first I would recommend Dragonica and for the second I would recommend Atlantica.

I mean one of the first skills you acquire as a Warrior in Dragonica is a giant hammer to smash your foes to oblivion with. And it’s all done in a neat little package with really nice visuals, the only bad thing about the graphics is that engine seems poorly optimized.

But it is indeed a fun game and if you try it chances are you’ll be staring at the combo meter to your left trying to pull off a big one as possible. One fun litte thing with the combo meter is that you can get up to 1.5 more experience from killing mobs by pulling big combos.

As for the item shop I haven’t tried that one out. I’ve played up to level 31 and I still haven’t felt the need to go for the item mall anything but I guess you could get some xp-potions from there or just fashion items like in every other f2p+item mall games.

There are four classes you can choose from in dragonica, Warrior, Magician, Thief and Archer. At level 20 you get to specialize the classes similar to Maplestory. Your warrior can chose to go the knight-route which is the tank and gladiator which is more of a dps-type class. Magicians becomes either monk or battlemage. Monks will serve as the healing class and battlemage is your standard dps-nuker.

Archers can chose to be either an arbalist or pathfinder. If grenades, machine guns, missile launchers and crossbows is your coup of tea I would suggest the arbalist. Whereas the pathfinder is more of a traditional fantasy mmo ranger. Thiefs will evolve into Jester’s or Assassins.

Jesters uses claws as  a weapon and Assassins is the more stealthy class of the two as I understand it.

It should also be mentioned that your class evolves further when you hit level 40. One more thing is that I played my mage to level 31 soloing a lot of the mission maps you can do so they are not that hard to do. In all of the mission maps you get a grade ranging from F to S. S is the best followed by ABCDEF. In the early levels its pretty easy to get good grades solo but it becomes harder as you go deeper into the game. So to get a good grade you would probably want a party. By the way good grades means better loot and experience.

Another nice thing about leveling in Dragonica is that when you group with people that you also have on your friend-list you accumulate friend points which you can turn in later on at an NPC for even more experience.

All-in-all a very fun game that I would recommend you to try out!

Dragonica Europe.


Well, those of you who didn’t get a chance at level 60 or did get a chance but misses her, you won’t have to miss her anymore, because patch 3.2.2 went live on the American servers today and most likely we’ll see the patch tomorrow here in europe!

Patch notes from WoW.com

This is sort of a continuation of this post. So feel free to read it before this one. In that post I talked about how the releasing of loads of mmo’s saturated the market. Another negative thing with loads of MMOs is that all of them get a smaller player base than they would have if there was only a handful of MMOs on the market.

Sometimes even the player base is smaller than the amount of players a game is aimed at having the result is that the game can’t really be enjoyed.  It’s pretty logic that if you have 10 players playing a game that is made for maybe 100 people the experience is gonna lack.

So the ‘survival of the fittest’ isn’t necessarily a logic you can apply to mmo’s. Since there may be a lot of games that are more than strong enough to survive given the right circumstances but can’t since no one is playing them. This works the other way around to, since there could be a bad MMO that has a gigantic company running it, thus it’s given great advertising and gets a big player base and I believe that if you play MMOs long enough no matter how bad they are you will stick to them just because it’s a pain to start over in a new MMO with crafting, gearing, leveling and getting money.

This is where the mmo-market also differs from the regular game-market, because no matter what in regular gaming your almost certain at some point to hit a brick wall where you feel there is nothing more to accomplish in the game. This is where you throw the game away and buy a new one, that market isn’t as easy to over saturate as the mmo-branch of the market. Single player games are not made to have you stick around for a long time, in fact, game companies wouldn’t want you to. Imagine a single player game that never ends, that you never get tired of, there is always something new to do. Then you wouldn’t buy any new game. That is almost the exact opposite of what mmo creators want. They want you to stick around for as long as they possibly can hold you.

Also, there is the player based bias against F2P games. Many players feel that if a game is free, then it’s going to suck which in many cases is true and as in equally many cases is false, I don’t think it’s the monthly fee of the game that determines if it’s good or not. But many people dont understand or aren’t willing to understand that.

Take a game like Atlantica that is very, very well done. Most gamers won’t experience just because of the bias against F2P-games. But with the constant flood of low-budget games needles like Atlantica are very easily lost in the haystack.

Now Atlantica has a very stable playerbase so this is not a title in danger. But there isn’t an unlimited amount of players. Imagine that when Atlantica came out 1,000,000 players jumped ship from World of Warcraft to Atlantica because it’s a great game. What happens when a new game is released, well, maybe 10o,ooo jumps ship from Atlantica and 1,000,000 more players from WoW jumps the ship to this new game. So for every game the player base of every game gets thinned out to the point where there isn’t enough players for a game to be enjoyable. Meaning you wont find players to raid or do instances with. One easy thing to do in that case is to send a game away saying that it sucks just because it doesn’t have enough players.

That’s why MMO’s that has the potential to be great sometimes really suck. Not because of poor development or anything else at the game side of things but on the player side.

Not that I think that the whole MMO market is gonna crash and all games will disappear but when the market reaches a certain point a lot of MMOs is going to have to close its doors because the players wont have the time nor the money to keep up with the market.

The wait is finally over for us over here in Europe, you can now change your faction!

So stop running around as ridiculous night elf and make yourself a Tauren already!

Head over to the world of warcraft account management page for more info.

As you all know, about a month ago the new expansion for world of warcraft was announced and I am going to go over all the new things in them one by one in a series called, Cataclysm.

As you might or might not know, the stat on items is getting a really big overhaul to simplify the chosing of which item you want to equip, for example as I have understood the whole thing, stats like armor penetration, crit, hit and such is gonna disappear.  What will happen instead is that you will get all these things from our primary stats, you know strength, agility, intelligence, spirit and stamina.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, for starters, as a whole lot of bloggers have mentioned already and Ghostcrawler is that you don’t need advanced spreadsheets and calculations to determine which item is best in slot, since the item with +40 agility instead of +35 agility would be better.

Another thing is that when you have a raid of 25 people and that agility drops, you won’t have 4 rogues, 3 hunters, 1 enhancement shaman and a feral druid go into math-mode to determine if they’re gonna roll on that item or not so the next 30 minutes will go to clearing trash and do another boss instead of listen to 9 people whine in ventrilo about if they are gonna roll on that item or not.

One could argue that people should know what they want from a raidboss anyway but this is not always the case. But what I like the most is that this will speed up the rolling of items after a boss.

Short post today, but there is really nothing more that need to be said in it’s defense, if it even need to be defended except against the morons that will always whine at everything.