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So I’ve recently started gearing for enhancement on my little(?) Tauren Shaman and all I can say is that I really enjoy it. I’ve been mostly doing heroics with my friends and that’s okay because I really like doing heroics.

So I thought I’d share with you the tools I use to make the best of my shaman.

The first one is an addon that is called Shock and Awe. It’s basically a timer and priority addon. It let’s you set up a priority list for what spells you want to cast in what order and will show you with timers and a button when an ability comes off cooldown or if you forget to apply your flame shock when it runs out, it will remind you to do that.

It’s really handy in the beginning when you’re learning your rotation. Because, since level 60 the rotation has drastically changed, you no longer fire off a stormstrike then earthshock and wait for windfury to proc. The enhancement shaman is now a full-fledged melee caster which is what I love about the class.

Another nifty tool that we enhancement shamans have at our disposal is Enhsim. Which is basically a combat simulator. It lets you enter your stats, buffs and so on and then simulates combat for you to let you know where your dps should be around. It can be really overwhelming at the first look though since there is a whole lot of info for you to enter. Lucky for us, Stoney, the king of shaman-blogging(at least, I think so), has put up a post on Big Hit Box where he tells you what to do. So after you’ve downloaded it, you might wanna check that post out. Link is here.

Shock and Awe also has a function for exporting data into Enhsim, haven’t really tried that out though so I don’t know how well it works.


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