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Hello Friends.

I’ve been really trying to get my blogging going for a while. But I haven’t really had any idea what to write about. So I thought I would give you a rundown on what characters I’m currently playing and which I’m leveling up and what I plan on doing.

My main right now is a Protection Warrior, I’ve raided most content that’s available for 10 man with this one except Naxx and Malygos since I got it to 80 late in Wotlk. Been trying to tank Algalon and Anub HC with it but it feels like it’s struggling a little in the gear department for those encounters. Mainly a new shield is on the wish list, I’m hoping 3.3 will take care of that since Anub won’t drop the shield on normal.

The one character that has had most of my attention the last week though, is my Shaman, which is almost my oldest character, a priest is the oldest but he has retired since long ago. I really like the Shaman now when I get to play as enhancement I was mostly stuck healing with it trough TBC and that wasn’t really something I wanted to do with him in the first place. I’ve always liked melee more than casting and the enhancement playstyle really fits me well.

But don’t get me wrong I really enjoy healing, but resto shamans aren’t in the same place as they used to be back in TBC and I don’t really like how they work now for some reason. But since a lot of my friends av gone from pure dpsing to choosing hybrid classes there’s much more room for me to do other stuff than healing and tanking which I feel is a nice change of pace. I’m mainly gearing the shaman now through heroic and badge gear but we will see where it all ends up.

To fulfill my pvping needs, I have my Death Knight, which I also used to tank PvE-content in the beginning of Wotlk but tanking as a prot warrior is so much more fun. It’s lacking in gear since I don’t PvP a lot only the occasional BG now and then. Arena really isn’t for me. I’m much more fond of the large-scale war that Battlegrounds bring.

In the leveling department I have a rogue at level 75 which I plan to get to 80 at some point. My warlock and my hunter sits silently at level 71 and 73 and are now mainly used as bank characters. I have a druid at lvl 43 which I would really like to get up to level 80 to see how it is to tank with one.

Well that’s all for now! Take Care.


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