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Hopefully, this week patch 3.3 will drop. If that does happen, i will probably start working on unlocking the 5-man instances for my Warrior and Shaman. It will probably be fun since me and my guildies now all have alts that like to stomp trough the heroics. Doing the quel’delar quest on both of them. Of course, if it drops on thursday my guild will enter the Icecrown Citadel and raise som hell. I’m looking forward to it, toc10 and ulduar has become pretty boring.

I’ve also been slacking with my goldmaking, sitting steadily at around 23-25,000 gold. Hopefully this week I’ll manage to reach 30,000 again. Ever since I leveled JC on my warrior I haven’t had the will to get up there, but this week I’m going for it. Yesterday I stocked up on about 1000 Ink of the sea hopefully, by the end of this week I’ve used up everything to make glyphs and that would also mean that I would have a lot of cash incoming for myself.

I haven’t really noticed any changes in the market though after my two week long absence. Right now it feels like we are about four or five people trying to make money off of glyphs and I think all of us is doing pretty good. One thing I’ve noticed in the last day or so though is that Icethorn prices are crashing hard, I don’t know why. But this morning I was able to get 37 stacks for the price of 12g/stack which is really a find. I mean I can sell snowfall inks for 13g so all the money I make from glyphs is pure profit.

I will keep you updated on the gold making and if 3.3 will drop I will also give you thoughts on the new 5 mans and the first part of ice crown citadel. I’m really excited about this patch.


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So I’ve made a little guide for all you dps’ing warriors out there. Check it out!

I have decided to focus the blog more around world of warcraft instead of mmo’s in general since that’s mainly the game I play. Just so you know! It’s been slow posting the last month but I will try to get better.

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