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Blizzard! Fix your heroic-daily random generator please! Last week, I ran 3 or 4 Old Kingdom… And the only fun thing about that instance is that the final boss sounds like a dockworker from Baltimore. And if those damn tanking bracers could drop, well, it would be nice, but they’re not.

Today it’s Nexus. Do they have a policy about running boring instances? In two weeks, there’s been one fun instance and that was The Culling of Strat. I’m just saying, with Ulduar now and The Old kingdom all the time. Does Blizzard want their players to go insane for real? because it’s gonna happen soon if someone doesn’t put an end to this.


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So, I’ve been taking a break from doing all my class guides. Instead, I’ve been trying out a new MMO, new for me atleast. It’s called AAtlantica_20090830_233317875tlantica Online and so far, so good. It’s a really interesting game. As most MMOs you roll one character, and level and so on. But what separates Atlantica from the rest of the MMO game crowd is that you get to recruit mercenaries, so instead of leveling just one character, you get to level up to 9 characters at the same time. In a market where everyone is copying each other all the time, this feels really new, fresh and exciting.

The combat system is turn-based and much more tactical than any other MMO I’ve played. You can play around with different attack formations of your party and such, which is really fun and a nice break from the usual ‘blow all your cooldowns and auto-attack until your abilities are off cooldown again’. Did I mention it’s free to play? Well it is, with an item mall. I gotta say, when I first was introduced to the world of Atlantica_20090830_233253812MMO’s and learned about micro transactions, monthly fees and such. I felt that micro transactions would cripple the game for people that couldn’t afford it.

But I’ve gotta say that I’ve changed my mind on that, micro transactions is a really fun part of an MMO. Let’s say WoW went F2P, but with an item mall, wouldn’t it be fun to have the money you spent on the monthly fee, to buy some xp-pots when leveling an alt or just silly costumes or mounts.

Anyways, Atlantica seems like a really well done game. And I’m looking forward to trying things in the mall, as well as exploring more of the game.

Atlantica_20090830_233231625I’ve been only playing for one night but I’ve managed to get my archer up to lvl 19. I’m planning to write a more in-depth look of the game when I’ve played it a bit more, but I’ve managed to take a couple of screenshots for you to look at.

I’d also would like to give a shoutout to my guild in World of Warcraft for taking down Freya+3 good work guys and girls.

Tomorrow I will probably have another guide up, won’t spoil and tell for what class though!

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Put your points here, stupid! The new MMO-blog on the block! Check back here for posts about my experiences in World of warcraft and any other MMO’s I stumble upon.

So I guess, now would be good time to let you know what games and classes I play.

Well, the game I play the most by far is World of warcraft. Right now I’m gearing my warrior for prot! But the first character I ever leveled was a human priest on executus-eu back in the day. Got him to lvl 60 and dropped him on his ass for a tauren shaman on Shattered Hand-eu, nice trade off right? I got the shaman to 60 right before the big pvp-patch that dropped in before The Burning Crusade was released, so I never really go a chance at the old vanilla wow end game. Except for some Strat-scarlet runs.

When TBC dropped I took my shaman to 70 as fast as I could to drop him on his ass for a certain human priest that had been resting for a while back at Executus-Eu. So I leveled the priest to 70, did some 5 man instances and started raiding Karazhan with my Shaman instead. And that’s what I did until Zul’Aman came and went. So my raiding experience in TBC was pretty much healing 10-mans except for one Gruul run and one Mount Hyjal-run, post nerf of course. But I had fun.

When Wrath of the Lich King dropped I leveled my beloved shaman to 72 before getting tired of him. Well not really tired. I think that the starting zone for Death Knights had something to do with it to, because it was pretty awesome. I’ve tanked pretty much all 10 man content in wrath of the lich king as a Death Knight and a couple of weeks ago I burned out. I don’t really know what it was. Maybe how much more exciting tanking as a warrior is. At least in my book. Maybe it was the not so challenging spell rotations of the Death Knight that got me bored with it. So that’s pretty much the state I am in now regarding world of warcraft.

Doing heroics like crazy to get gear in time for Icecrown and maybe with a little luck get my guildies to let me tank on my warrior instead of my Death Knight.

A thing I would like you to check out is the guides I’m writing for the different classes of WoW. I’ve got the mage one up now. Tanking guide for Warriors and Druids are in the making. I’m also starting to think about an Elemental guide for the shaman! So keep an eye out!

I’ve been spending some time lately with a 2d side-scrolling MMO called Wonderking which right now is being prepared for open beta. Atlantica Online, a turn-based strategy/rpg,  is also a game I’m about to check out when I get time.

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